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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chinese Buffet for Lunch in Salzburg

My first meal in Austria was in a Chinese restaurant in the tourist area. It was a 7-euro buffet, with sparkling apple juice. I was with an American law professor, and he gave the 3-euro tip. I said - "Oh thanks, Im not even going to attempt to contribute." I wasnt going to insist since the guy was gazillions of years older. The meal was a disappointment but someone said that 7 euros was a cheap price to pay for a buffet lunch. Tell that to a skeptical Pinoy.
The viands comprised of the following: fried chicken wings, chopsuey with chicken fillet, chopsuey with beef sirloin, and what looked suspiciously like pancit guisado. There was something like Yang Chow fried rice. The Chinese food in this sorry restaurant is light years away from the fast food offerings of our local Luk Yuen. I am no fan of Luk Yuen, but their meals are of the imperial gourmet sort compared to the greasy inventions of the Chinese restaurant here.
Who died and decided that was Chinese fare anyway?
The reason why we ended up in a Chinese restaurant was because after two straight meals of lufthansa economy class plane offerings, without rice, I was dying for my usual carbo. I was dying for rice. And even the sumptuous smell of the Austrian bakeries did nothing to dissuade me from hunting for rice. We had two choices: the Japanese eatery or the Chinese restaurant. The buffet sounded more tempting so we went there. The lack of people should have warned us that we weren't going to be happy with the place.
I should post a picture soon. I have not done anything yet except take pictures.