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Friday, March 17, 2006

Kapeng Barako - Dimapilis Coffee in Cavite/Tagaytay

Coffee selection: Kapeng Barako (Liberica), Arabica, Robusta.

When youre in Tagaytay, on your way back to Manila, take a short detour to the Dimapilis coffee house.
Turn left at the ____ Street (Not sure, but its the street you take when you want to reach the Nurture Spa) and then when you reach Collette's you just have to go a little further. On the right side of the street theres a lone building standing with an illustration of a coffee cup on its facade and the words "kapeng barako". Its a very homey place - when youre inside - you feel like a lot of love was involved in creating the space.
They not only also serve a good cup of coffee (which you can drink in the tables outside while viewing the coffee beans drying in the sun), they also sell good coffee beans. Im tempted to say 'artisanal' just so I could use the word. They have an old coffee plantation and they gather their coffee beans from their old (decades old I gather) coffee trees. In this age of one coffee hybrid replacing another one with fancy coffee names, I find comfort in the fact that the coffee beans come from old coffee trees and that these coffee trees have been with the same family. And that they dont put the coffee beans in fancy packages but in this straightforward sensible plastic bag. No fancy names either just Dimapilis coffee and the coffee variety.
The Dimapilis coffee shop also sells a lot of other stuff: mountain sugar, vegetarian meat. There are also coffee mugs for sale. They also sell this device that you use when you make espresso: the cute metal thingy that you put on the stovetop so you can extract the coffee essence through the steam. Or something like that. Its the kind of device that coffee snobs would want to have, for a very good reason - cause they dont want their coffee extracted through the drip method (eg normal Krups coffeemaker method).
The Figaro group of companies recently released a book on coffee. I browsed through it. Would like to buy it if only to read up more on the barako. I once attended a symposium on food where Figaro was one of the sponsors. They have a rather admirable GPOA (general program of action) for Philippine coffee - and its great how they intend to help coffee farmers. Its just that when something becomes a strong BRAND like Figaro, it just leaves me a little cold. Its still Figaro over Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for me - but when you stumble on a darling little place like Dimapilis - you just feel warm all over. Like you just drank a cup of very good coffee.

Other details:
Barako - 1/2 kg - P105
Arabica - 1/4 kg - P90
Robusta - 1/4 kg - P95
They give generous discounts when you buy in bulk.
Delivery - One more thing, they deliver! Yes, they deliver to Metro Manila. They charge P250 for delivery. These are their contact details: (046)8602302/ 0917-5517206


Blogger relly said...

Hello, a childhood remembrance, when my mother buys cafe barako in the market and freshly ground.

12:04 AM  
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