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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Baguio- Are you ready to sizzle?

This is not meant for the vegetarians. If you want to read a post for you, read the previous post. This is for the meat lovers: the foodies who like hunks of meat. When youre in Baguio, you can choose to go veggie - and you have lots of choices - or you can go meaty. Today was my first time to be at the Sizzling Plate Baguio. We would have opted to eat a chopsuey at the Rosebowl but since we were with another family of meatlovers, we had to concede to their culinary tastes. So, we found ourselves having a very late brunch at the Sizzling Plate Baguio. And we ordered some pretty nasty meats: the Brat had a T-Bone Steak, I had Fillet Mignon (with bacon of course), and they had porterhouse steak, salisbury steak, and other equally meaty meals. To lighten the heavy meat overload, we also ordered some salads - which is a good idea when youre in Baguio cause the vegetables are always fresh. So I had lots of the tomatoes in the Caesars Salad and the Chefs Salad - the dressings were less than desirable but they weren't so bad - in any case, we were too hungry at 3 PM to even give a damn about the dressing.
So about the meat, we were too hungry to ask where they got the meat - but mind you, I am not a meat lover, but I liked their meat. It was well done, as requested, and quite succulent. The gravy made up for the inherent blandness of the meat. But the texture was good, and the vegetables in the sizzling plate were just lovely: very sweet, and juicy, and the potatoes were so starchy and good. Good accompaniment for the meat. They were quite generous with the servings, and even the males in the group had a difficult time finishing their Porterhouse and their T-Bone Steak.
Okay, so its past ten PM in Baguio, Im still under the influence of Fundador brandy because the cold is too much for my slight frame. Im wracking my brains to remember our meat experience earlier - but, strangely, what i remember with crystal clarity is the taste of the fresh tomatoes in the salad: why do Baguio tomatoes taste so good? Lots of tomato meat, and the acidity is so 'right'.
When youre in Baguio, and you want to have a meat fix, go to the Sizzling Plate. As they claim, "nothing beats our old sizzle". So dont skip the old sizzle, make it a point to visit the Sizzling Plate in Carino.

Sizzling Plate Carino
135 Abanao Extension
cor Carino St, Baguio St
Tel No (074) 443-8486


Blogger Kai said...

I'm not a meat-y person, and I always pass this by. It was my husband who introduced me to this place. Still quite smokey?

1:47 PM  
Blogger Jhaw said...

Hello TC,
Nasa Baguio ka pala this week? The Jesuit Gourmet! were in Baguio too from March 27 - April 2 for a vacation. We would have wanted to meet a fellow food blogger personally. It would be an honor to have a chat with you there.
Anyways, have you gone to Forest House? The ambiance is great and they serve good food too.

9:12 AM  
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